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Brdr. Price restaurant
Brdr. Price rosenborggade
  • Brdr. Price restaurant

    New restaurant in Lyngby

    On March 1, our new restaurant opened. We are looking forward to welcome you.

  • Brdr. Price restaurant

    Frida rock in Tivoli

    3-course dinner, wine ad libitum, music and cocktail.
    Enjoy Friday rock from our patio!

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  • Spisested Rosenborggade


    It's easy to invite guests - both for the small and the big events.

  • Brdr. Price restaurant


    Be part of the team!


The best meals with the best ingredients

When a classic bistro restaurant serves simple meals like ours, you have to use the very best ingredients. We especially like the fact that meat is given the starring role. But of course, this means the steak must be done to perfection. Tender of course, precisely fried, with the intense taste of well-matured beef. Naturally, all of the other ingredients used by the restaurant are given the same care and attention. The perfect potato with just the right amount of starch to make perfect French fries. And deep-fried in excellent peanut oil. Genuinely tasty vegetables from excellent vegetable growers, and fresh fish and shellfish from suppliers we trust.

Ingredients to be proud of.


Brdr. Price restaurant

The key words for us are homeliness, hygge and personality.
What we serve? Everything we love ourselves.

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