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The joy of food runs in our veins

For several centuries the Price family has consisted of creative spirits; ballet dancers, theater artists and in our case composers and screenwriters. All with a big appetite for the pleasures of life.

We usually say that we come from a home with a piano and a stove, where food was the center of attention whether it was classic Danish meatballs or finer French cooking. 

We have our father John Price to thank for that, as he generously shared his knowledge and passion at the dinner table, in book form and on television. His enthusiasm for the meal and the good taste has followed us throughout our lives, and this is what we want to share in our restaurants.

Our journey as restaurateurs began in Rosenborggade, and since then we have expanded with restaurants in most of the country. The keywords for the restaurants are homeliness, coziness and personality. Above all, we want to spread the joy of food that we ourselves grew up with, and therefore serve everything we love in surroundings that reflect our family's creative spirit.


A dream of the perfect brasserie

When the beautiful red stone building from 1912, which originally housed Hedebanken's head office, presented itself as an option, we didn't hesitate for a second. The wish was to create a nice eatery with a solid interior that could match the beautiful building - but first an extensive renovation was needed to build all the technical installations that a modern restaurant kitchen of that size requires.

The result was everything we dreamed of: A true French-inspired brasserie room with an open and inviting atmosphere and a large bar, from which there is a view of the always busy kitchen.

The interior design is equally inspired by the town's distinctive character and by our family history. On the walls hang theater posters and pictures from our childhood home, but also a real local deer, shot in Jyndevad Forest, and Adam's creative invention with Povl Kjer's famous "rokkefår", cut up and used as decoration.

Brdr. Price Herning
Restaurant Herning

"People from Jutland are strong and tough"

... wrote Danish poet Steen Steensen Blicher in an old song from 1846. And that is not without reason.
Herning is an enterprising city with a rich cultural and business life, and the residents of Herning want food on their plates. It must taste of something, and there must be enough of it. Just the way we like it. Cheers to Herning!

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