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Meeting in Copenhagen and Herning

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A soulful and personal setting to kick-start your creativity

Who says that meetings have to take place in grey and soulless settings?
Definitely not us!

If you are looking for event and conference rooms in Copenhagen or Herning, we offer a free tour of our restaurants and are happy to help you plan a successful day for you and your colleagues.

At Brdr. Price, we tailor each meeting or conference to fit your exact needs, expectations and wishes. So the big question is - what are your dreams for your company's next event?

Food and beverages during your event

When you book a meeting with Brdr.
Price in Copenhagen or Herning, you can easily choose the food and beverages to fit your needs. 
We serve great coffee, breakfast, fantastic lunch, dinner, drinks and much more. Everything of course prepared from the best ingredients from the Danish-French cuisine.

The Price classics include steak sandwiches, tartare a la minute and steak from Danish cattle – but the menu offers something for everyone, including fish and vegetarian options. If any participants have special eating preferences, we will of course take this into account so that everyone can leave the restaurant full and satisfied.
  • Brdr Price restaurant
  • Brdr. Price restaurant
  • Brdr. Price restaurant
  • Brdr. Price restaurant

Got any questions about meetings at Brdr. Price?

We would love to help you plan your next meeting in Copenhagen or Herning. Please fill out the form and we will contact you with more information. We look forward to helping you.

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