Brdr. Price Rosenborggade

We love to welcome guests to our charming, hygge-filled restaurant for lunch and evening meals on any day of the week.

Brdr. Price restaurant
Brdr. Price restaurant

The essence of a wonderful meal

Classic bistro style, with French and Danish cuisine in historic settings, in an atmosphere that is homely, hygge, and full of personality.

Our kitchen is well-known for its classic and international repertoire of delicious meals made from high-quality ingredients. But we serve more than traditional classic dishes – our restaurant chefs have the freedom to be inspired and creative, using fresh seasonal ingredients to make meals that you will love.


The best meals with the best ingredients

We believe that food should be full of flavour. Something you can really taste. Food should have a clear character. A tomato should immediately taste of intense fresh tomato in your mouth. Our sauces are reduced. There is acidity and character in the bearnaise sauce. It has to be full of flavour – it’s absolutely crucial. We’re not into colourless food; shades of grey on grey. Not for us. No thanks. We want vivid, enticing colours, and great taste on the plate.

Yours faithfully.
James & Adam

Brdr. Price restaurant
Brdr Price restaurant

Our guests must be both happy and full after their meal

Meals were always the time for the Price family to get together. Where great food and lively conversations were shared around the table. Food was a big deal in our childhood home, whether it was rissoles, “Sun over Gudhjem” (a traditional open rye sandwich of smoked herring and raw egg) or fine French cuisine. Our joy of food was formed here, and it has stayed with us all our lives.

There is always a reason for spoil yourself


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  • Brdr Price restaurant
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Historic premises with high ceilings. We provide the perfect setting for your event.

Brdr. Price restaurant

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