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From beef stew to caviar

Food was a big deal in our childhood home, whether it was rissoles, “Sun over Gudhjem” (a traditional open rye sandwich of smoked herring and raw egg) or fine French cuisine.

Our joy of food was formed here, and it has stayed with us all our lives. We will try to pass this on to our restaurant. A place that is homely, hygge and full of personality, is the secret to our approach. Everyone should feel at home, and no one should feel out of place. What will we serve? Only food and drink that we love ourselves.

From beef stew to caviar.
In truth, we want to create the kind of restaurant that we ourselves would love to visit and eat a meal in. A place with excellent food and a great atmosphere – a place not obsessed with the latest fashions in cuisine. There are others who are much better at that sort of thing. We just want to make the sauce taste the way we like it best.

We look forward to finding out if you agree we have succeeded!


One of the most beautiful rooms in the Tivoli gardens

he Price famely have a certain affiliation to the old garden - we feel in a way a bit related to it. And therefore it was not a difficult decision to make when Tivoli's former director Lars Liebst asked us if we wanted to take over the restaurant by the glass hall, as in the past, among other things had added premises to the upscale 'Belle Terrace' and the starry-sky restaurant 'The Paul'.

With down characteristic architecture, its florlette, white-painted wooden trellis, as many glass panes that give the feeling of sitting in a huge greenhouse, as well as location with a view of Lake Tivoli, the restaurant at Glassalen is a beautiful room in Tivoli.

Today, the restaurant is located in the neighboring building where Price´s Diner previously had premises.




The story of Price

In 1785, an English artist troupe came to Denmark to perform on Dyrehavsbakken with line dancing, art riding and gymnastic exercises. The leader of the troupe was named James Price and was born in London in 1761. He returned to Dyrehaven with his family for some seasons and became so fond of Denmark that he ended up applying for a citizenship letter in Copenhagen. In 1802, he established his first amusement theater on Vesterbrogade, where he in collaboration with the Italian artist family Casorti, among other things, showed pantomimes.
He had just managed to succeed with the theater when he came unlucky by days while having a better dinner at the Hotel d'Angleterre. Choked in a chicken thigh. (Think about it if you order chicken in the restaurant - eat slowly!).

The next generations carried on the Amusement Theater with great success, right up until Georg Carstensen opened Tivoli in 1843. It was too tough a competitor, and the Price family had to turn the key. Fortunately, Carstensen was so foresighted that he linked some of the family members to the garden, where they helped establish the Pantomime Theater. Many of the notions that one can experience today when the peacock opens up date back to the time of Price and Casorti. A branch of the Price family chose to tour around Europe with their artistry, and that is the branch we are descended from. Our great-grandfather acted like a musical clown in his butterfly costume, and his sons, including our grandfather, traveled around and joked together.
However, our father managed to be born in Copenhagen, which is lucky, because otherwise we probably would not have had the opportunity to return to the family's old workplace - Tivoli - and open this restaurant!


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